Memorial Drive

Councilwoman Archibong Urges GDOT to Speed up Efforts to Make Memorial Drive Safer

CBS News

By Rebekka Schramm

Natalyn Mosby Archibong, Atlanta City Council District 5 Candidate

At an Atlanta city transportation committee meeting Wednesday, council members discussed a letter drafted by Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong and others -- to the Georgia Department of Transportation. GDOT currently has a long-term plan to make the corridor safer, but Archibong is urging them to speed things up.

“There are some things Georgia DOT can do quickly around signalization and lane configuration that will be a solution right now,” said Archibong. “Then, let’s continue to work toward the full ‘from Capitol to Candler’ plan that we have in place.”

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Councilwoman Archibong & Atlanta Regional Commission Sponsor ‘Imagine Memorial’


By Johanna Smith, contributor

Natalyn Mosby Archibong, Atlanta City Council District 5 Candidate

Over 100 people gathered in the cafeteria of Drew Charter School this past Tuesday night to attend an Imagine Memorial update meeting.

The project aims to overhaul and improve the corridor.

They audience hailed from neighborhoods bordering the 5.5–mile stretch of Memorial Drive that comprises the Imagine Memorial project, which stretches from downtown Atlanta to East Lake.

Sponsored by Councilmember Natalyn Archibong, whose council district encompasses much of the project area, the meeting featured a brief overview and updates on various projects along the Memorial Drive corridor.

“[Memorial Drive] isn’t a highway, it’s our front yard,” Councilmember Archibong said at the beginning of the meeting.

During the meeting, it was revealed that the Imagine Memorial project had recently received a $32,000 grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), plus $8,000 match of local funds, to update, revise, and adopt the original plan started by Georgia Tech students in fall 2014.

This will allow the project to receive up to $500 million in grants to implement elements of the revised plan through ARC’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI).

The LCI process enables citizens to take a more active role in the project’s planning and implementation.

“Anyone interested in becoming more involved can reach out to me, Councilmember Archibong, or his local neighborhood association,” said Greg Giuffrida, Memorial Corridor Executive.

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Councilwoman Archibong Introduces Legislation to Create Imagine Memorial Task Force


By Kim Hutcherson

The recommendations of the Imagine Memorial Design Studio could be a step closer to becoming reality.

Atlanta City Councilmember Natalyn Archibong has introduced a measure that would create the Imagine Memorial Task Force. The proposed 27-member task force would supervise approval, adoption and implementation of plans.

“Now that the design plan is complete, it is time to implement those ideas,” Councilmember Archibong said. “This task force will work alongside the community to review the plans and have them officially adopted by the City and the Atlanta Regional Commission to ensure that future development, infrastructure decisions, and new projects are done correctly.”

Archibong is hoping to get some of the recommendations approved under the ARC’s Living Centers Initiative. LCI awards planning grants. That means Imagine Memorial ideas could be grandfathered into current ARC grants. That could help pay for some of the proposed transportation improvements recommended by students at Georgia Tech’s prestigious School of City and Regional Planning.

Archibong pushed for Georgia Tech to choose Memorial Drive as the subject of the year’s Design Studio class.

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