Committee for Better Atlanta

The Results Are In: Councilwoman Archibong is the Only Qualified Candidate in the Atlanta City Council, District 5 Race


The Committee for a Better Atlanta (CBA) issued scores for all of the City of Atlanta races. 

The CBA found, after interviewing both District 5 candidates, that Natalyn Mosby Archibong is the only qualified candidate in the District 5 race.

Candidate scores are based on written questionnaires and in-person interviews, covering topics including: public safety, financial competence, ethics/transparency, transportation, affordable housing and arts, among others. CBA does not endorse any candidates.

The Committee for a Better Atlanta (CBA) is a nonpartisan business coalition that has been scoring candidates running for mayor, city council, and Fulton County Commission for decades.

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Committee for Better Atlanta Says "Councilwoman Archibong is Well Qualified to Serve"

Committee for Better Atlanta

Natalyn Archibong Q&A: 

What events or experiences caused you to decide to run for this office?

As a three term incumbent, I am intimately aware of the critical issues facing our city. During my tenure on the City Council, we have experienced the challenge of funding the water/sewer consent decrees, acts of God including the 2007 tornado and the floods of Vine City and Peoplestown; the economic recession of 2008 and beyond. As a city we responsibly and aggressively tackled each problem and in the course of doing so, learned more about our strengths (we are fiscally responsible) and our weaknesses (we have become better at emergency response – from snows to floods). I want to build on the lessons learned to assist in strengthen Atlanta. We are working to become a more sustainable city, a greener city, a safer city, more transit oriented, and a place where companies and people want to live and to thrive. In Council District 5, we have recently faced severe public safety challenges. The communities within District 5 deserve to have an experienced and dedicated public servant to assist them in obtaining sustained public safety resources from the city. Similarly, these constituents deserve a public servant who knows and understands our local government, and has built over a decade of professional relationships and experiences which will further our collective goals relative to zoning, infrastructure improvements, safety, and the delivery of basic city services.

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