Councilwoman Archibong Discusses Atlanta's Plan to Help Its Homeless

CBS 46

By Natalie Rubino

Natalyn Mosby Archibong, Atlanta City Council District 5 Candidate

Atlanta is hoping to make a dent in its homeless population with a newly secured $50 million plan. 

"I think it's an excellent thing," Anthony Herrell said.

Herrell lived at the Gateway Center. He recently completed the city's Georgia Works program. He now has a job of his own and hopes the city's new plan will help others.

"You know, get back employed and just live happy, joyous and free. This is a great place to start," says Herrell.

The city will invest $25 million through a Homelessness Opportunity bond. The United Way will match that amount.

Some of the goals are to create 254 new housing interventions for homeless youth by 2020 and house 147 homeless veterans by end of 2017. The city also wants to permanently house 500 disabled homeless people by 2019.

"There's also going to be wrap around services. You can imagine the needs and we're going to have a way to support people who are in a homeless situation," city councilwoman Natalyn Archibong said.

The city hasn't released an action plan to complete the goals. Archibong said it's a work in progress.

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