Councilwoman Archibong Supports the Grand Opening of Kirkwood Electric Bike Company


By Ellie Ritter, contributor

                                    An Edison electric bike. Photo by Ellie Ritter

                                    An Edison electric bike. Photo by Ellie Ritter

Ryan Hersh just opened the Edison Electric Bike Company in Kirkwood, but his love of bikes and transportation goes way back.

“I pretty much grew up on two wheels,” he said. “Road bikes, dirt bikes, everything. I grew up here in Atlanta, too, and I absolutely love the city.”

. . . 

“I am proud to have such a sustainable product assembled in the heart of Kirkwood,” Archibong said in a press release. “As our city, and the world for that matter, grows increasingly conscious of our environment and the impact fossil fuels, it’s nice to have a way of getting around our communities in a way that produces no gas emissions. Electric bicycles allow people who might not normally ride a bike because of hills, distance or physical ability to get around with relative ease.

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