Councilwoman Archibong is Again Named Most Progressive Member on the Atlanta City Council

Atlanta Progressive News

Matthew Cardinale

Natalyn Mosby Archibong, Atlanta City Council District 5 Candidate

The APN Atlanta City Council Scorecard is the most comprehensive, voting record-based scorecard available for the current Atlanta City Council, and is available as a public Google Spreadsheet:

APN has been issuing this Scorecard since 2009.  The Scorecard now contains 63 specific votes taken by the Full Council dating back to 2003, in which Atlanta Progressive News has taken a position for or against each legislative item or motion.

Once again, Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong is the most progressive Councilwoman on the City Council, with a score of 82.7 out of 100.

The ranking of the current fifteen Councilmembers are as follows:


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