Natalyn's Vision for District 5


Top 4 Priorities for the next 4 years!

Affordable Housing--Protecting our families & seniors

We should adopt a mandatory inclusionary zoning policy.  We should also establish a well-funded affordable housing trust-fund, and adopt best practices from our sister cities around the country, as well as ideas from the Urban Land Institute.  We must find permanent affordable housing options, and utilize the Fulton-Atlanta Land-bank in a more robust manner than we have in the past. 


We must ensure that our communities are walkable and that our sidewalks are hazard free.  Providing funding for more sidewalks, as well as improving various side-walks throughout District 5 will certainly make our neighborhoods more friendly and walkable.


We must increase and retain the number of beat officers; increase the number of security cameras around the district; and, ensure that all police vehicles have a dash cam and that officers are equipped with a body cam.


We must incentivize people to get out of their cars.  I believe we should carefully consider reducing our parking requirements on commercial and multifamily residential developments.  We should encourage more transit oriented development across the city.  We should do more to encourage ride-share programs, and work-from-home options for our employees, and increase our biking infrastructure.  MARTA is the spine of our public transportation system.  We need to expand MARTA to meet the needs of people in getting them to and from centers of employment, entertainment and education.

Additionally, I look forward to completing the Imagine Memorial project to help make Memorial Drive better for residents, visitors and businesses.